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Zalo Marie

Design inspiration comes from the life of Queen Marie Antoinette. Velvet soft touch surface, prefect streamlined curves, accompanied by the enamel process that’s been handed down for centuries, Marie is the ultimate G-spot Vibrators just for distinguished Queen as you.

Marie G-Spot Vibrator


Momoko G-Spot Vibrator

Inspired by unicorn horse in merry-go-round, Momoko, with its delicate and mellow design, leads you to the perfect kingdom which has always been dreamed of.


Take control of your passion with the incomparable Baby Heart luxury personal massager. Created for love and beauty, the Baby Heart whole body massager has been designed and modeled to fit intimately to sensitive areas arousing the throb of passion.


Applicable to whole body massage; Baby Heart helps you be your own princess to follow the summons deep in heart, arousing the long-lost throb of passion.

Baby Heart Massager

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