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Mr. Peeps Adult Superstores

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A) No, We are an adult retail store. We do not offer live entertainment.

Q) Are you a strip club?

Q) What is the legal age to enter a Mr. Peeps store?

A) You must be 18 or older to enter any of our locations.  Valid ID must be presented upon request. We accept stated issued id, driver's license, passport and military id. Please note that we do not accept interim (paper) id.

A) Yes, glory holes really do exist! All 3 of our locations offer glory holes booths.


A glory hole is a small waist level hole in the wall seperating 2 arcade viewing booths.  The glory hole allows you to interact with the person in the booth next to you. Feel free to ask staff if you have any questions regarding the arcade. Mr. Peeps staff are always happy to help.

Q) Are there really glory holes and what are they?

A) All 3 locations are open 24/7 including all major holidays.

Q) What are your hours?

Q) Can I rent DVD's?

A) Yes, all Mr. Peeps locations offer DVD rentals. See your prefered location for details.