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Q) How old do I have to be to enter Mr. Peeps locations?

A)  It is OREGON STATE LAW that ALL potential patrons entering Mr. Peeps MUST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OVER. Patrons must provide VALID, STATE ISSUED identification upon request. Acceptance or refusal of the identification is at the sole discretion of the employee requesting the ID. If the patron cannot provide requested ID, the ID is invalid -or- the  condition may appear to be suspect, the patron may not enter the store and will be asked to leave the store immediately.  


Q) Can I bring my infant into the store?

A) No, you will be asked to leave immediately.


Q) Is Mr. Peeps a dance club, Do you serve alcohol?

A) No and No. Mr. Peeps is a retail store. We do not serve alcohol.


Q) Does Mr. Peeps have dancers or showgirls?

A) No, we do not offer live entertainment.


Q)Does Mr. Peeps offer DVD rentals?

A) Yes, DVD rentals are $3 for 48 hours. Visit any of our locations for details.


Q) Does Mr. Peeps offer online sales?

A) No, Mr. Peeps does not offer online sales as of yet.


Q) What forms of payment do you accept?

A) We accept debit,Visa, Mastercard and cash only.


Q) Are gift cards sold at Mr. Peeps?

A) Yes!!! Please visit the location nearist you!!!!


Q) What is Mr. Peeps return policy?

A) Due to the nature of the products offered by Mr. Peeps, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. We will however do an instore exchange on DVD titles purchased from us that have manufacture defects for the purchase price of the DVD that must be used instore at time of exchange.