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This Limited Edition lube pack gives you the biggest Bang for Your Buck! Jo has combined their 5 essential lubricants any beginner will need. The H20 Orginal is Jo's water-based lubricant. This is ideal for use with silicone toys. The fluid liquid is great for those who need a little extra lube to enjoy activities without staining fabrics. Jo's Premium Original Lubricant is their silicone lube. This is ideal for aquatic activities; it won't go anywhere.


The Gelato Salted Carmel lube is just a sampling of one of the many lubes in the Jo collection. Flavored lube is essential when you want to have dessert first with your partner. The Warm Embrace Massage Gel is a necessary element for warming up your partner for playtime, or to work out muscles after playtime is over. And finally, the Silicone Free Hybrid lubricant is for the player who desires the longevity of silicone lube without the mess.

Jo Beginners More Bang for your Buck Set

Jo Bang for Your Buck 5 Pack  Limited Edition